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Pay-as-you-go CSA

Fresh picked organic vegetables

on farm pick up

delivered to your area


Join the original pay-as-you-go CSA!

You can sign up and start purchasing at any time of the year!

Farming on our own for over 13 years, offering a CSA share for the past 8 seasons JACK’S FARM has about 10 acres of USDA Certified Organic vegetables and small fruit under production.

USDA Certified Organic means we use no GMO products, use no petroleum based chemicals or fertilizers, start with organic seed, must have a rotation and soil management plan and are audited every season by a third party to ensure we follow strict third party organic guidelines. 

JACK’S pay-as-you-go share gives you the freedom you really want in a CSA while giving us some farming flexibility. It’s a win-win relationship.


When you participate in JACK’S pay-as-you-go CSA you are supporting an authentic, local farm, a true family run, commercial, small farm business and you are receiving our own USDA Certified Organic produce and small fruit.


Our pay-as-you-go CSA requires no season long commitment and no large, early, up front payment. In 2018 we offered 52 continuous weeks of shares to our Pottstown pick up and about 30 weeks to our delivered locations . Join the list here.


We are proud to say that we are the Pottstown, Pa area’s first and original pay-as-you-go concept. What does that mean for you?


1. Because we have many years of experience growing Certified Organic produce you are going to consistantly get good stuff.


2. We grow with the pay-as-you-go concept in mind and you can expect the right produce at the right time in quantities that are right for you.


3. You pay no large up-front or even quarterly fees.


4. You choose the week’s you want to pick up without being penalized.

5. You pay only when you pick up a share. So you never pay for something you don't receive.

6. There is no obligation to order shares; your only commitment is to order by the deadline and honor your commitment by picking up your share on the pick up day. 


Sign up for JACK’S email list and you’ll begin to receive the offerings as they become available.  You must provide your physical address to be put on the share list. Please remember that shares are not always available each week. Be patient, when we have shares available for you you will receive an email.


How the list is prioritized:
Some weeks, we have more people interested in shares than we have produce, especially in the spring. In order to not disappoint many people we divide our e-mail list into segments.

Those folks who have been with us and have ordered shares multiple times over the last season are typically given first notice about shares. Second notice goes to those who have ordered last season at least once. Third notice goes to those new to the list and who have signed up to receive share notices from the fall of the previous season to the spring of the current season.  Each season we re-adjust the list to reflect those who order from us the previous season.


Here’s how it works for Pottstown on farm pick up: You’ll receive an e-mail with the list of produce and the price for the week’s share. If you like the week’s share, you simply reply to the e-mail by the order deadline; place an order; then honor your commitment by picking it up and paying for it. We will send you a reminder email a day or so prior to pick up.


We typically email the share offering on Sunday. You have until Tuesday noon to commit. Once you commit we expect you to pick up. Your commitment turns into our hard physical work. Remember your product is perishable; once we pick it we can’t sell it to someone else. Shares are limited; so it is possible shares run out in any given pick up week. Early commitment is the safest policy. Join JACK’S list here.


We also deliver boxed shares to several locations. Some locations opperate on a traditional prepaid yearly fee amd some operate on the pay-as-you-go concept. With pay-as-you-go the procedure for ordering a boxed share is identical to Pottstown except you will pay at the time you order with a Paypal button. Share notifications are typically emailed on Sunday. Your Paypal receipt is your confirmation.


If JACK’S pay-as-you-go share interests you please click here and join our email list. There is no obligation to join our list. You must provide your physical address to be put on the share list. Thanks for your interest  in our USDA Certified Organic offerings.


NO GMOs here. 


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