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Farm work opportunities

Are you Farm Manager Material?

I'm searching for you if you have prior farm experience, are tractor capable and mechanically inclined, want to be hands on and get it done.

Call or text Dan: 610-413-9088


Farm Work – opportunities for 2020 and beyond:


Every year we assemble a productive group of people to get the work done!

Are you a high school or college student?

We love students and can accommodate your summer schedule. If you're home from May through August let's talk. We have flexible start and end dates. We prefer those available for both a full time schedule and rotating Saturday market hours while you're here. Interested in helping? Please read everything under The Skinny and answer the questions under our Hiring Process. High school students may be exempt from needing a license or vehicle depending on the work you are applying for. When answering the questions please indicate a specific start and end date if you are interested only in summer work.

Full Time Farm Work-These are seasonal hourly positions. We begin hiring in Feburary and continue until positions are filled. Base work week is 40 hours per week. Base work schedule is Monday-Friday 8am-4:30pm 

with 1/2 hour for lunch.  Additional hours are available for Saturday Markets beginning in May and when field work increases in spring in late March. Saturdays are generally 7am -2pm. You will work a consistent schedule that we mutually agree on. Most of our full time work is seasonal and your hours may be reduced in the fall. Interested in helping? Please read everything under The Skinny and answer the questions under our Hiring Process.


Part Time Farm Work- 2019 part time work begins as early as February. Work week can be any hours or weekdays up to 30 hours per week. Mornings are preferred. Friday mornings are required. We need people for harvesting, wash and pack and planting, plus general labor.  You will work a consistent schedule that we mutually agree on. In the peak, spring (March-May) season we may have additional hours available above 30. Our part time work is seasonal and your hours may be reduced or end in the fall. Interested in helping? Please read everything under The Skinny and answer the questions under our Hiring Process.

Farmer Stand helper- We are seeking part time hours primarily in the evening. The Stand will be open noon-7pm weekdays and until 5pm weekends. This is a retail sales position, cash register work, stocking. Pleasant personality, knowledge of food and clean cut appearance required. Pay starts at $9.00 for this position assuming you have the experience we require.

Farmers Market helper - This is a Saturday only position. 7 am-2 pm Saturdays.  May through November.  Customer service, handling cash, stocking product. Driving our vehicle to a market. Set up and take down market tents. Valid drivers license required. You may be working alone. $10 per hour plus Certified Organic vegetables. Interested in helping? Please read everything under The Skinny and answer the questions under our Hiring Process.


Farm jobs get you involved in the details of:
seeding, fieldwork, greenhouse and high tunnel work, harvesting and packing, farmers market sales, CSA set up and farm maintenance. You will operate most farm equipment including tractors. We do most of our functions using tractor mounted equipment at a commercial scale.  EVERYONE is hands on. Depending on the season you'l be working with 2-6 other people. It’s a rewarding job; yet, it is hard physical work; so be prepared. You will work alone at times. You will get wet. You will get cold. You will get dirty. You will sweat. You will be hand weeding. You will be driving a tractor or sitting on a transplanting machine. You will be bending and lifting on a regular basis. You will be an integral part of the daily operation of a real, commercial, small farm. 


You may also be helping with light and routine maintenance. This includes light repair work, painting, mowing, etc


The ideal team member at JACK’S FARM possesses a positive attitude, is dependable, listens and accepts instruction, works at a reasonably quick pace, takes responsibility for their actions, can rotate between multiple tasks, is able to work independently and outdoors in all weather, is able to lift 30 lbs, can bend and flex and can get wet. You have motorized transportation and a valid drivers license.


Tractors, tractor mounted rototillers, tractor mounted cultivators, plastic mulch layers, plastic mulch lifters, water wheel transplanters, hand mowers, bush hogs, various hand hoes and weeders, vacuum plate seeders, planet jr. seeders, irrigation equipment including pumps and drip irrigation, delivery vehicles and small pick up tucks, power and hand tools.


Hourly rate: up to $14.00 plus Certified Organic vegetables in season. If you have no prior work experience and no vehivcle expect to start below $10 per hour. If you have outdoor work experience, job experience, a valid license and vehicle expect to start at $10 per hour. If you have direct farm experience or directly relatable experience of 2 years or more you may be eligible for a higher hourly rate.


The first step is for you to please verify/ respond to the questions below and provide a simple resume with current phone numbers for up to 3 employer references.
Second is a phone conversation.
Third is a follow up phone conversation or email deciding if we both want to proceed.
Fourth is a paid on farm work interview to ensure a mutual fit and understanding of the job.
Fifth is an official offer.


To start please answer these questions:
1. Have you carefully read and do you understand this farm work opportunities page?
2. Are you able to lift 30 lbs. reach and bend and be on your feet outside in all weather?
3. Do you have a valid drivers license and your own vehicle?
4. Tell us your daily work availability and anticipated start and end date. 

5. Will you take time off during your stay with us? (family vacation, etc) provide dates.

6. Why do you want to work on an organic vegetable farm and why Jack's Farm specifically?
7. Provide a current phone number and some good days and times to talk.

Please email your answers to:

We'll review your answers and if we think there may potentially be a good fit for one of our farm jobs, we'll email with additional questions or a potential date for a phone conversation. 

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