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Garden like a Market Farmer!


March 9, 2024  9-11 am

Saturday Morning


In this roughly 2 hour clinic Dan will help you plan, layout and implement your garden.


Your garden should be living in your head before you even plant a seed.


Bring your garden layout, dimensions and your ideas. Together we'll create a seeding/ planting chart, we'll outline your plant catagories and implement a rotation plan, we'll do some simple irrigation planning, we'll talk about tools, fences and fertizer; we'll review your last season's garden performance and create a plan to increase yields and garden health.  There will be plenty of time to ask specific questions about your specific garden.  Limit 6 people. 3/9/24 9-11am Saturday morning



3/9 am Garden Planning Clinic- veg, herbs, flowers 9-11 am Saturday

Excluding Sales Tax
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