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Irrigation pakage and advice to irrigate 500 row feet of your garden.



550'- drip tape with 6" emmiter spacing

50'- 1/2" blue stripe main line

20- barbed conectors

4 - drip tape couplings

1- barbed connector with brass female garden hose connection and clamps

30- Minutes of Advice on planning and installation for your specific garden



The most important item in this package is the advice.

Dan will help you figure it all out.

We'll start with your garden layout and dimensions; your access to water.

Then we'll layout a system for you on paper so its simple for you to install.

Drip irrigation is really quite simple to install with basic home tools.

It's easy to operate and it lasts a long time.

You can do it!



Not included in 500' package:

Water filter- removes things that will clog the drip line

Garden hose - connects system to your main water source ( your exterior hose bib)

Timer- makes watering automatic

500' Drip Irrigation Package with 1/2 hour of advice

Excluding Sales Tax
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