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2" Pot 

Green leaves with irregular yellow margins. It forms a 1.5- to 2-foot-tall and wide bush with woody stems that may be trimmed back to newly emerging growth or strong stems in spring. In early to mid-summer, it occasionally sends up lavender-purple flower spikes; it has both ornamental and culinary qualities in an herb garden. It tolerates alkaline soils, but not wet winter conditions.

Perennial. Sun. Height 18” – 24”.
Striking variegated gold and green leaves with a slight fuzzy texture that grows into compact mounds.


A somewhat short life perennial, it should be replaced every second year.


Add a great accent of color contrast to your garden with this compact shrubby herb. This sage is perfect for smaller garden where space is limited. Humus rich and well drained soil provides fuzzy aromatic leaves. Great splash of of color next to mail boxes and fountains, it prefers shallow, well drained soil. Dry climate is preferred.

Plant Uses

A sage that can be used in cooking, but with less flavor intensity. Primarily an ornamental sage that is outstanding in the garden and flower beds for its color and shape. All sages are deer resistant.

Sage- Gold Varig.- 2" pot

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