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Winter Savory 4" pot-


Winter savory is easy to grow and can be used as a culinary herb garden edging plant. It requires six hours of sun per day and well-draining soil. In temperate climates it becomes dormant in winter, putting out leaves on the bare stems in the spring. While dormant, it should not be cut back; stems which appear dead will leaf-out again. Winter savory is hardy and has a low-bunching habit.


Winter savory has a reputation for going very well with both beans and meats, very often lighter meats such as chicken or turkey, and can be used in stuffing. It can also be used in soups and sauces. It has a strong flavor (stronger than summer savory) while uncooked but loses much of its flavor with prolonged cooking. It can be added to breadcrumbs as a coating for various meats including trout.

Winter Savory- 4" pot

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